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Since 1979, VR has specialized in the sale of privately held and family owned businesses.  In the early 1980’s,VR came to the conclusion that other franchisors could use its services to not only help grow their franchise systems, but also offer their Valued Representation services to their existing franchise base who were interested in selling.

Realizing that when someone is considering a career change that involves investing their own money, they seek the best advice possible.  When a VR intermediary completes a  VR Buyer Profile with a client, it is very possible that they have identified an individual that is more suited to operate a new franchise unit than to acquire an existing business.

VR intermediaries are in the position to support this decision, evaluate the clients skills and needs, and then introduce the individual to franchise business opportunities that will best suit their interests and strengths.

Once your client has been granted a new franchise, the VR office is paid a fee ranging from $12,000 to $100,000 from that franchisor for the introduction of their new franchisee.

Where VR differs from our franchise consulting peers, is that VR stands by our client throughout their business career, providing a multitude of business-saving services, such as:

– equipment leasing and finance programs
– access to working capital
– valuation services
– acquisition strategies to grow their business
– exit strategies
– outstanding Valued Representation when its time to sell

VR stands by our clients through their entire business circle!

The VR Franchise Showcase represents between 150 to 200 franchisors at anyone time, therefore giving you a wide variety of products to offer your client.  This additional source of income to our offices seeds our future for the resale of successful franchised businesses.

As a VR franchisee you can decide whether to include this service on your company website supplied by VR Corporate.

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