Industry Overview

Spanning five decades, VR has been the innovative leader in the transfer of founder-owned, family operated, or privately held businesses. Over that period VR has literally defined the industry and built a profession for its business intermediaries and office owners.  These are powerful words, but before there was the International Business Brokers Association, and every State trade association there was VR.  These associations and affiliation’s were created by VR individuals in the hope that there could be a uniformity in how businesses changed hands, so they donated their time for the betterment of the developing profession.

Business Sales - The WorldOur Market:

There are over 20 million businesses in the United States and 100 million globally.  Over 52% of the United States and Canadian Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) is from privately held businesses and these businesses employ over 50% of the domestic workforce in each country. Privately-held businesses drive economies  around the world and have been identified as the economic engine of a prosperous country.

Business Demographics:
  •    97.3% of  businesses are under $10 million in sales
  •    98% of  businesses have less than 100 employees
  •    1 in 6 privately held businesses change hands every year and their owners and buyers need our assistance

VR is the only full-time professional business intermediary organization in the world offering Valued Representation to the privately held business owner and soon to be entrepreneur.   The responsibility to have to our clients  does not allow us to have “part-time brokers” who attempt to do “deals” from the kitchen table and rented-by-the-hour board room tables.

As Baby Boomers Retire, They Fuel Our Industry for Continued Growth:

Economist Robert Avery from Cornell University estimates that $10 trillion of assets and over 12 million privately-held companies will be transferred as Baby Boomers start to retire. Other estimates predict that 10,000 Baby Boomers will become eligible for retirement benefits every day, with 80 million retiring over the next two decades, in America alone. These same Baby Boomers will sell their businesses to fund retirement and they need assistance to unlock value that may have been negatively affected by the way the owner actually operated.  Others will exit their corporate positions and acquire a business so they can live the dream of business ownership, or supplement their retirement, and in either case build equity in a quality business.

Your Market:

As you develop an understanding of the VR mission, philosophy, and opportunity, it is important for you to be confident that with the tools and support offered by VR, you can achieve your own personal goals.

Investigate your marketplace. Are the privately-held business owners in your area receiving the type professional services and advice they deserve when trying to sell their business? If no, do you believe that as part of the VR organization you can offer Valued Representation to business owners and new entrepreneurs?

We are looking for leaders who will become an invaluable member of  their  business community!

If you see yourself  helping business owners unlock value in their companies, wanting to build a business and career you can be proud of,  and feel you can be productive part of a professional international organization, we look forward to discussing the opportunity of becoming a VR franchisee.

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